domingo, 12 de outubro de 2008

The apparitions of Virgin Mary

I am very happy to know that you recognized the apparitions of Virgin Mary.

Don´t be afraid of nothing: Keep on the way of truth.

Jesus gets happy when a son recognizes and respect His Holy Mother.

I returned to God because of apparitions;

After the Virgin Mary went to heaven, The Holy Trinity crowned Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Her mission was prepared by God since eternity.

Apparitions where prophetised on book of Joel, the young would have visions, and the older have dreams.

IN Genesis God said that the woman would smash the evil´s head in future..

In new testament, on that marriage Mary made Jesus do His first miracle. Jesus said He has nothing to do at that time, it was not His time, but what happened? Jesus Did the Miracle because of Mary his mother.

When Jesus was close to death He gave Mary as mother of mankind represented by John, the beloved apostle.

On pentecost, Mary, the spouse of Holy Spirit was present.

On apocalipse, book of revelation, Mary appears as the Woman dressed by Sun.

So those are clear indications about God´s mission to Virgin mary.

Nobody can say that the apparitions are not from God, because how come that the apparitions point to Jesus if the would not be from God?
How can somebody think that a apparition from evil would call people for conversion, prayer, and to follow what Jesus said in the Gospel?

Those persons should think again about the apparitions being really from God. Check the messages from all over the world and you will see.

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