quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2018

My proposed UWP and .Net Core Vision

We need to move UWP forward. I want to get rid of JavaScript + HTML; I used JavaScript+HTML since Netscape days and it seems too outdated to me.

Will UWP have direct Printing API, and specify XAML Elements and Page paper size in cm / in, without that modal Print UI , more complete like WPF had?

Also I would like a Universal UWP XAML, progressive, so we can build from web to native mobile and desktop using UWP Xamarin in elmish way using XML literals. Also we have a lot of XSD to deal and F# XSD support would be great.

From what I saw XAML is superior to those JavaScript UI libraries. XAML needs a cross-platform option.

I tested it, created a @UnoPlatform project and it ran my UWP on my Android phone, my Windows 10 notebook and also on the web browser! I would even do a customer website using this if startup loading time was faster.

A progressive UWP: XAML everywhere.  

This is a good thing that need faster startup times and we would like to see to be officially supported, something like http://platform.uno/

Now there are those Android 5.1.1(API Level 22)+ Credit Card POS Machines here in Brazil, I think that Xamarin Forms is good to develop for them. I think that it would be great to have something like the Universal XAML / UWP support on it in the future.

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